New Signing: Burning Alms

The band aim to bring more than just noise to the table... their songs weave a compelling narrative which disturbs and exhilarates in equal measure.

We’re super-delighted to announce the signing of Burning Alms to Smalltown America. Burning Alms is Thomas Whitfield and John Biggs. The band members will be familiar to many from their previous projects Distophia and Calories.
Debut album “In Sequence” was recorded with producer and multi-instrumentalist Dom James. Over its 16 tracks, noisy pop nuggets rub shoulders with yearning acoustic ballads, bookended by droning jazz-tinged instrumentals and found-sound vignettes - recalling the work of Hot Snakes, Glenn Branca, Swans and Sun Kil Moon.
The LP will be available this Summer but for now enjoy ‘Matadors’ on our Spring Sampler for a taste of what follows.

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