New Negative Pegasus Single & Tour Dates

Check out Negative Pegasus' new video for their latest single "Unimmortal". New tour dates have also been confirmed.

Negative Pegasus present their new single - "Unimmortal" - out on Monday 10th December. Recorded during the daylight hours in a concrete hole in sunny Brighton during the worst rain storm of 2012, the track is the first to be recorded since the sessions for their debut LP "Looming" (released in September). The new track is a taught, slowly unfolding, paranoid whirlwind of subtly intertwined riffs and a motorcade of cascading drums. This is the next level of hard psych from the band behind "Psychic Energy'" and "Floating Omen".

"Unimmortal" is accompanied by the same song unnaturally reversed and demonically stretched to become "Uunniimmmmoorrttaall" plus a remix of album favourite "Black Thigh" by Brighton's analogue synth vs live drum warriors Soccer96.

Watch the band perform 'Unimmortal' live at their recent audio-visual album launch and catch the band's pulverising live show in the flesh on Dec 14th in Brighton and in select European cities in February 2013.

Upcoming Shows
Dec 14th - Brighton Noise Christmas Special w/ Bithces, Traams, Keel Her - Green Door Store, Brighton, UK


Jan 22nd - Prince Albert, Brighton, UK

Feb 9th - The Pits, Kortrijk, Belgium
Feb 12th - Cafe Glocksee, Hannover, Germany
Feb 13th - Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium
Feb 15th - Coq D'or, Olten, Switzerland
Feb 16th - Rambler, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

More UK and European Spring 2013 shows to be announced

"Unimmortal"    4:53
"Uunniimmmmoorrttaall"    9:47
"Black Thigh" (Soccer96 Remix)    3.19

Selected Press for "Looming":

Positively fizzing with off-kilter studio wizardry reminiscent of Can and Dungen...brimming with space-echo vocals and lashings of killer riffs

Unique barrage of rhythm and fuzz, with the same stab of power chord looped until it hurts
- Rock A Rolla

Negative Pegasus' debut will have you listening again and again. Maybe it's because you'll feel intimidated and forced into submission by their trance inducing fuzz. Maybe it's simply because they're good.
- The 4O5

With looping drum arrangements, distorted, echoing vocals and swirling guitar feedback, the band creates unexpected beauty from the dark and murky world of noise
- This Is Fake DIY

And like the Frankensteinian monster it is, debut album "Looming"’ wanders around, clumsy and aimless, smashing the shit out of anything in its path; mostly, your ears
- Music Liberation

Negative Pegasus will melt down all your shit records with lethal vibrations
- Beard Rock