Negative Pegasus 'Looming' Gets The Indepth Treatment In 7 Bit Arcade

"Ones to look out for’ over the next year or so..."

Negative Pegausus are a Brighton based band who have clearly left their sunny disposition back in BN1 as their sound is comparable to the what would happen if Stomp went dark. 'Looming' is the debut album from the three piece and they let their intentions known from the off with the almighty and somewhere lengthy opening track "How it happens", which showcases their ability to create tribal ‘battles-esque’ rhythms and make them hit home. Hard. If reverb is not in your vocabulary then walk away now, but come back when you have driven that ‘auto tune is the future’ mentality out of your frontal lobe.

Recorded in an empty warehouse in Sussex with Steffan Eliades, the industrial feel of 'Looming is apparent throughout it’s 8 song range. No nonsense, non forgiving repetition in "The Black Thigh" and scenario setting "A Single Fuck" all indulge deeply in the dark synth, a genre frequented usually by bands who have come deep from the 80′s. Audiences these days usually expect more substance and switch off at the first instance of an over distorted track, but this is where they miss out. Tracks like "A Single Fuck" only help further the atmosphere that Negative Pegasus are trying to convey so missing them out of the album would be a crime against pacing and music making.

There is no getting away from the obvious math rock comparisons at times with the start of "Floating Omen" sounding like the start to a cockney gangster film. Credits flying past the screen with stylised graphics accompanying the music would get me so pumped for the film it’s a surprise no one in the ‘Biz’ has picked it up yet.

'Looming' is unrelenting in it’s noise and this is no bad thing. "A single fuck," although starting uncharacteristically quiet breathes essence of dark distorted rock whilst "Psychic Energ"y really would not have sounded out of place on an early Muse record. Before they went shit and thought dubstep was a good idea.

Overall, 'Looming' is a fantastic debut from the Brighton three piece and props the band firmly on the mantle of ‘Ones to look out for’ over the next year or so. It will be interesting to see how Negative Pegasus progress.

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