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Negative Pegasus Feature On Jukebox Chatter On Artrocker

"I don’t necessarily feel that music has to be ethereal to be “psych”, it can be super harsh and guttural too… I guess it depends what kind of visions you're hoping to invoke."

Brighton's Negative Pegasus release their debut single "Floating Omen" on 25 June - but first they have four questions and one jukebox credit with which to explain themselves.

Being Brightoners, it feels appropriate to ask: what's the most amazing thing you've ever witnessed at the Great Escape?

I gotta say, as festivals go, I don’t think The Great Escape ever really gets that “kerr-ay-zee”, not in the way festivals always used to be depicted on TV in the 90s anyway. I guess it’s probably because nobody is camping (good thing), so they don’t get covered in mud (great thing) but it means they retain a certain element of their self respect (bad thing) so yeah you don’t really get to see like a dude riding a piglet or a girl with magic mushrooms growing out of her ears like from a right wing sketch show.

Oh wait, did you mean amazing bands? In that case: Cheveu.

Most people assume psychedelic music means swampy and shoe gazey - yet yours is quite kicking. How would you describe your debut single?

It’s our attempt at the genre elusively known as “Dad Rock”. Something for the Zeppelin fans, only we fail miserably at that because it isn’t bluesy in the least - and while we tried singing about Satan, it mainly seems to be about architecture. (True).

I don’t necessarily feel that music has to be ethereal to be “psych”, it can be super harsh and guttural too… I guess it depends what kind of visions you're hoping to invoke.

How did you hook up with Smalltown America and how are you finding them as a label?

It happened almost entirely via email, with the exception of one trip to the pub to chat face-to-face. I wish I could say that we met them on Chat Roulette, but that would be inaccurate.

They’ve been great, just a thoroughly enthusiastic bunch of people that have been really into hearing our stuff and helping us get it into peoples ears. We’re hoping to make the trip out to Belfast sometime before the end of the year, so we can party on their home soil. I went to Belfast once when I was 16 for a school trip, and I spent the whole time playing pool, it was brilliant.

Brighton is famed for its history of mods and rockers, yet mass pop culture tribes appear to have died out these days. Is that fair to say, do you think?

Can’t claim to be a big fan of mods or rockers. If you see a modern mod and they are under the age of, like, 40, a part of me definitely dies inside just a tiny bit. But I don’t know if the pop culture tribes you mention have really died, I just think they have all migrated to the internet. That’s where the Goths live now-a-days. They all live here:

This is also apparently a real website, although I have no idea whats going on: I think plenty of people could find a happy home there, but not me.

Finally you have one jukebox credit - what's it gonna be?

Can I have the Yeah Lamb?

If I’m not allowed the Yeah Lamb then it’ll have to be – Nicki Minaj"Stupid Hoe". (Have both - Ed)

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