Unpopular Review Oppenheimer 'Breakfast In NYC / Truth Or Dare'

"Music this sweet and perfectly formed must surely be illegal"

Oh. My. God. I just opened my PO box mail and found the five track sampler CD for the forthcoming Oppenheimer album on Bar-None. It’s due for release in ‘Spring 2006’, and all I can say is man, I don’t think there is a better reason for willing the days to move faster. Honestly, I am bowled over. Music this sweet and perfectly formed must surely be illegal. There I was thinking that Sweden had the monopoly on magical new sensations, when all the time this pair of Belfast born dreamers were making an exquisite, heart pounding and breathless Pop just across the water. Listening to Oppenheimer makes me think of the dizzy feeling I once had on hearing Stars for the first time back in, gosh, was it really six years ago? Six years. Six years! SIX years! SIX YEARS! (in best Grosse Point Blank voice).

Well anyway, the thrill of hearing Stars’ glorious "When" is replicated in the sound of the unfeasibly fabulous "Breakfast In New York", or "My Son The Astronaut" or "Saturday Looks Bad To Me" or, uh, or any of these five songs in fact. I am fucking drooling over this record.

Oh, and apparently they have also been collaborating with Tim Wheeler from Ash recently, but don’t hold that against them.

- Unknown, Unpopular