AU Magazine Review ASIWYFA's 'Tonight The City Burns' Live Project

"Fuck London. Fuck grumbling about music here. Fuck waiting about for something to happen" - Rory Friers

A conflagration of sound will consume the stage of Belfast's Spring And Airbrake on October 17th as instrumental noisemongers extraordinaire ASIWYFA join forces with some of their favourite vocalists for the once-only 'Tonight The City Burns'.  An exercise in solidarity as much as sonics, this venture brings together some of the country's finest bands to boldly declare "Fuck London.  Fuck grumbling about music here.  Fuck waiting about for something to happen".  Uniting behing ASIWYFAs rallying cry are LaFaro, Driving By Night, Fighting With Wire and Cruz.

The moment will be marked in fine fashion with the release of a limited edition (300 copies) EP.  "If you miss it, tough shit, 'cause we won't be doing it again, and if you don't get a copy of the EP, hard luck 'cause we're not gonna print up extra copies" announced Rory Friers.  "Come down, support us and support a positive movement".

You heard the man.

- AU