The Northern Scot Feature Fickle Public

"This album has been a long time coming, but we are very happy with how the CD turned out, and are looking forward to going back into the studio in the summer." - Al

Moray band Fickle Public could be set for super-stardom after their debut album was released to critical acclaim. The quartet – Alan Ferguson, Jim Butterly, James Cameron and Lewis Gale – releasedBucko’ on the London-based Smalltown America label on March 6, and many positive reviews have appeared in the industry press.

With a growing following, the band – who are now based in Glasgow, but grew up in Elgin – look set to make an impact on the music business after their single, ‘Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courteney Cox Arquette’, hit number 70 in the mid-week charts in the first week of the year. Lead singer and guitarist Alan said that the band – who previously gigged in Moray under the name Purple Munkie – were looking forward to heading back into the recording studio to lay down further material. "Our label have been very accommodating, as they exist for bands who want to do everything for themselves," he said. "They are trying to promote bands that might not get signed by other labels – and it’s all about spreading music to a wider audience."

The disc, recorded at the Core Studios in Glasgow and engineered by experienced technician Larry Primrose, is available from Sound and Vision in Elgin as well as other outlets throughout the country. "Our album has 10 tracks, although it’s only 30 minutes long. We were trying to get as close to a gig experience as possible. We really wanted to try to do something different with it, so instead of just having a collection of songs, the line-up is like a typical gig, with each song running into the next. "This album has been a long time coming, but we are very happy with how the CD turned out, and are looking forward to going back into the studio in the summer."

The band have also received some recognition from one of the industry’s leading magazines, following a gig in London. Alan continued: "We supported a Swedish band called Blind Flight [sic] on a Kerrang! Tour at the start of the year, which was a great experience. "Every year, our label holds an all-day event, when a number of bands play from midday until 10pm. We were picked to play the after-show party, and the people from Kerrang! were so impressed that they asked us on their tour. "It was a week long tour and it really was a great experience for us, giving us exposure to a wider market."

The band will now have to wait until the summer before following up on the release of ‘Bucko’. "Our bass player, James Cameron, is still at university and sits his finals in May," said Alan. "We thought it was best to wait until the summer because it takes a lot of work to arrange a tour and get dates on consecutive nights. "We are looking at doing a full UK tour in the summer as well as a Highlands one – which hopefully means we will get a date in Moray." The band also have a brand new website which they hope will help spread their name across the globe.

Check it out.

- Bryan McKellar, Northern Scot