Mnemotechnic 'Awards' Reviewed By French Magazine Longueur D'Ondes

Mnemotechnic's first album, reminding us: must see live!

The co-conspirators which the group has chosen for this first album give some indication of its weight: Miguel Constantino as producer, who has worked with Marvin and Papier Tigre. Mixing is by Stéphane Laporte, one half of Egyptology who not long ago delivered a fine exercise in totally analogue synthesized nostalgia, and mastering by Ivan Chiossone, a stalwart of Zëro.

They shape the sound of Mnemotechnic, providing the network of threads which intertwine to form the complex math-rock canvas which in itself is only the backdrop to their energetic and catchy rock. The tracks on "Awards" are like guitar strings, alive with raw energy, tingling with electricity but also capable of a much softer atmosphere at the same time. Mnemotechnic's first album, reminding us: must see live!

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