Mnemotechnic 'Awards' Released Today

Debut album available now on grey-white marbled vinyl with instant free album download.

Available now on gray-white marbled vinyl with free MP3 download from our eStore.

Mnemotechnic are a distorted, electric-tornado of a band. Based in Brest, France the three-piece articulate expertly the mathier elements of the dance-rock genre. Recalling At The Drive-In, Refused and Sonic Youth their sound distills The Rapture’s most intense moments and Nirvana’s grooviest. Piercing, high vocals punctuate visceral, off-beat drumming, which Les Inrockuptibles describe as “Shrill and convulsive rock that makes you dance like you have a gun to your head”. We cannot disagree.

Debut album ‘Awards’ was recorded by Miguel Constantino and mixed by Stéphane Laporte. Emerging from the studio in 2011 after working with some of the best engineers in France, Mnemotechnic unleashed their live assault, becoming club and festival circuit favourites in both France and Belgium. Coupled with a frightening, raspberry-induced meltdown of a promo video; Mnemotechnic could be easily described as France’s new Nine Inch Nails.

"…Brest's biting response to The Rapture and Sonic Youth's New York." Les Inrockuptibles

"Mnemotechnic showed a remarkable cohesion from hard-line rock to a flowing new wave. "That's good sh**!" eventually burst out from the crowd." Ouest France