Public Service Broadcast #6 - Review From Between Planets Magazine

Many of these bands should have great futures ahead

The Public Service Broadcast series of albums are released on a limited run and not for profit, featuring the best submitted tracks (more info about how this all works and to read about the previous six compilations can be found by going to There is a definate lo-fi rock theme running though those bands that have been chosen and while there are tracks that do not stand out that is because the quality of playing and songwriting is high. And frankly this is excellent value for a fiver.

Many of these bands should have great futures ahead but I would have to call special attention to the following. Firstly, I would have to pick out the opener 'You Don't Have To Kick It' by We Versus The Shark for sheer playfulness and quirky charm as well as the Grand Delinquents' 'Deeplight Disco' for their style and energy, which ireminds me of Long Blondes.

- Between Planets