Music News Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

'Man Vs. Monster is an ear splitting and controlled triumph' - 3/5

Like a whirlwind ripping through a sleepy town, Fighting With Wire have a force and energy that leaves an inescapable trail. With the vocal urgency of a modern day Phil Lynot, and a guitar attack that Dave Grohl would easily endorse, 'Man vs Monster' is a relentless power.

Northern Ireland’s Cahir O’Doherty (vocals, guitar), Craig McKean (drums, vocals) and Jamie King (bass) release their debut album that flies out of the traps with the statement of intent "Cut The Transmission" – a blaze of tight drum rolls, fills and cymbal splashes, against no nonsense chunky guitars and yearning vocals. They manage to keep the pedal full to the floor rarely pausing for breath, or being in danger of losing the rock listeners ear.

"Sugar" offers the first gentler moment, with a driving intro,but it soon finds its natural heart and pace. "Make A Fist" underlinesjust how tight and connected the trio are, and its not until theclosing track that the pedal is eased up, with the brooding andsimmering "This Body Is In Danger". But beware, this is Fighting With Wire – and the calm before their potent storm.

The Derry boyshave put together eleven effortlessly power driven songs in a packagerelentlessly consistent but individually freshly wrapped. 'Man vsMonster' is an ear splitting and controlled triumph.


- Rob Barnett, Music News