More Magician Love From Rock Sound

Lo-fi as hell - top stuff.

4 Or 5 Magicians' debut harks back to a time in the 90s when pop melodies clashed with raw, angular and dissonant music to define alt-rock. The band's guiding light, Dan Ormsby, has clearly learnt from the best and his ability to alchemise chrushing lyrical wit and infectious melody with the musical equivalent of rusty nails scraping on an old tin roof expertly conjures up various points the spirit of everyone from Pavement to the Pixies, Idlewild and Cable. It's lo-fi as hell and sounds like it was recorded in a crisp packet, but that, in so many ways, is the point. Top stuff.


For fans of: Pavement, Pixies, Built To Spill

- Chris Hidden, Rock Sound

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