Review LaFaro At Eurosonic

"Compared to you we look like the monsters out of 'Lord of the Rings'." - Jonny

Thanks to Wender Boezer for translating. Follow 'Full Press Article' to read origianal Dutch.

In the section 'Coming Up' artists talk about their upcoming tour. How do they prepare? What's going to happen? This time it's the turn of Irish rockformation LaFaro, who among others can be seen on Eurosonic. Singer and guitarist Jonny Black says "It scared us to death".

You might not recognise the name of the band yet, but LaFaro has really been touring a lot in the past year. The band played in countries like England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and they were also on stage in the Netherlands.
The many miles of traveling has taken its toll. "We were on the road to Stockholm when our tourbus broke down" tells Jonny. "We were scared to bits when smoke started to come out of the bus! The bus didn't survive. That's why we are currently looking for a new one. So if anyone has one for sale.."

With or without a new bus the band can be seen during Eurosonic. It's about time as after the debut album from 2010 LaFaro released the second album 'Easy Meat' in 2011, with influences from punk, hardcore and rock. "Our music is really hard and intense, like somebody hits you in the face and wakes you up immediately."
With these songs as sledgehammer blows, the band will go on tour again in february. Jonny would love to see his audience jump, dance and crowdsurf every night. That doesn't always happen with our neighbours in the east. "The audience in Germany screams through our songs a lot. Very annoying. They also don't really get our humour.". Then the Dutch. "You all look awesome! Compared to you we look like the monsters out of 'Lord of the Rings'. But we get extra energy from pretty and happy faces."

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