Rock Sound Magazine Review 'Adventuring'

'Let the adventure begin' - 8/10

Brimingham trio Calories are destined to be known as much more than simply Pete, John and Tom from Distophia. That particular, much underrated, quartet never released their excellent "Beat Dyslexia" opus, and one would hope that this new incarnation will fare rather better. Opener "A Bear, A Bison" certainly starts things off in the right direction, and what follows is a collection of well-crafted,multi-facted songs that owe a great deal to the works of 'Speedo' John Reis and his San Diegan Hot Snakes. Throw in some good old British post-hardcore to the mix, plus an undercurrent reminiscent of a 'Green'-era REM and what you have is a full-fat (excuse the pun), guilt-free musical experience. Let the adventure begin.


For fans of: Hot Snakes, Distophia, Jetplane Landing, REM


- Oli Robertson, Rock Sound