LaFaro Talk To Camden Crawl Dublin

LaFaro talk about their upcoming appearance at the first ever Camden Crawl Dublin, their longing to play on The Muppet Show and how riffs rock the ivories.

If it's hi-octane pummeling rock that hit heavy and unrelentless then put Belfast's LaFaro into your ears. The Belfast band are one of Ireland's finest hard-rock bands, their riffs contain  Queens Of The Stone Age-esque hugeness and their sound takes in punk and hardcore influences to make it even more gut-punching.

Had you ever heard of Camden Crawl before? What did you hear?

Yes we have. We heard it's the UK's premier purveyor of hip new bands. A number of bands we know have played it and always benefitted.

Why do you think Dublin is a good place for the festival?

Dublin is a hive of musical activity and currently homes so many top artists that it's the perfect place to host a festival like the Crawl. It's a great city, with great atmosphere and music lovers all over...


If the band were to appear live on any US television series, which would it be?

There are so many to choose from! Failing Sesame Street or The Muppet Show we'd say SNL or The Late Show..


What one instrument that isn't part of your line-up do you secretly wish was?

Piano. Riffs still rock on the ivories!


Describe your sound in 10 words or less:

Sounds like a bear fighting a shark.

What is the most interesting event the band has planned for 2012?


So far, some festivals and planning album number three..

Tipple of choice?


Anything specific you want to plug?


Our new album 'Easy Meat'! Oh, and our Twitter - @LaFaro.


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