LaFaro New Single Pre-Order Now

'Easy Meat' the title track taken from LaFaro's second album signals a departure in both musical and thematic territory. And yes that is a shark biting a man's yah-yah on the front cover... we know, we know.

Recalling early Morphine, Ministry and NIN the stoner-swagger of the first album has been supplanted by droning riffology and bluesy nuance. Similarly, Johnny Black's lyrics have zoomed into examine other people's lives in even creepier and more exacting detail; as his songwriting matures so too does his ability to single out life's undesirables and our innermost, darkest thoughts.

At 2'17" the track transforms into what fans love LaFaro for, a killer breakdown with outrageously exuberant John Stainer influenced drum-fills, from this point out the track is a master-class into how to bring it to the front three rows. Even those sitting comfortably at home with earbuds and tea will want to take their tops off and shake a fist at someone.

Crushingly recorded by the band's now regular producer (a Bangor man simply known as 'Marty') this new set of songs have all the urgency and precision of LaFaro live.

In keeping with the album's theme of using Northern Irish colloquialism-as song title LaFaro's B-side to this single is entitled 'Wee Buns' and is 'well worth the purchase price alone'.

Orders made now will be shipped next week (week commencing 30th May) - official release date to shops is Monday, June 21st.