LaFaro In Rock Sound Top 50

We're all really proud to learn that LaFaro's album 'Easy Meat' has made it into Rock Sound Magazine's 'Top 50 Albums Of The Year', number 43 to be precise. Talking about the album they said...

'A truly nasty piece of work. LaFaro went deep into a bleak, shitty world of grimy riffs and head-punch drums with startling results. Don't listen to this if you're depressed - it'll send you over the edge.'

In addition to this accaolade, Rock Sound found it fitting to bestow another one, this time an honourable mention in 'The You Might Have Missed This, But Its Not Too Late Award For The Album That Should've Been Massive, But, Er, Wasn't'  saying:

'It's hard to conjure up real nastiness and grime on record - most bands just downttune and scream bad poetry. This Northern Irish mob though, aimed straight for the part of the brain that governs fear.'

Just back from a brief tour of the UK & Europe, LaFaro will be back out in January with a 23 date tour spearheaded by a performance at the Eurosonic Music Festival in Groningen, Netherlands on January 12th and finishing in Utrecht, Netherlands on February 25th. The round trip will encompass 8 countries. To see the full tour schedule and to keep up to date with LaFaro news, visit their artist profile.