Kerrang! Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

'As debuts go, this is an absolute corker' - KKKK

Fantastic Rock, Pop and Punk Sounds From The Emerald Isle.

Despite what cheery, kid-friendly pop-punk bands might have you believe, it's possible to make energetic, upbeat, melodic rock that doesn't sound so sugary you feel like you should visit the dentist after listening. Norther Irish boys Fighting With Wire - featuring members of Jetplane Landing and Clearshot - have the melody and the hooks, but there's a backbone of solid rock holding it all together to brilliant effect, treading the same loud path as Reuben, and boasting power-pop riffs that The Wildhearts would be proud to call their own. As debuts go, this is an absolute corker.

Download: "Cut The Transmission"
For Fans Of: Reuben, The Wildhearts

- Nick Ruskell, Kerrang!