Julseas reviews 'Breakfast In NYC / Truth Or Dare'

"Just wait until the producers of the OC get a hold them"

I listen to everything that gets sent my way. Most of it is somewhat un-spin-able in that under-produced, off-key, unembraced-bedroom aesthetic kind of way. When a label wants to send me something, though, I figure it'll be a bit more polished. In fact, I want to listen to it even more since that label is clearly embracing the type of project I run here at julseas.com and that others do, as well.

So when Bar/None sent me an Oppenheimer sampler (with a press sheet that included such descriptions of the Irish indie-pop duo as "the bomb," "sweet and cozy," "cute," "fun" and "happy"), I put it on with enthusiasm (which, after a few spins, I realized was matched by the band itself). Oppenheimer channel their quirky energy into Joy-Zipper-meets-Postal-Service dreamscapes where sunny, swirling folksy synth-pop blips along whimsically. Their self-titled album doesn't drop until spring, which is perfect, really, considering that the careful layers and lush harmonies of these cuts will gear you up for summer. Just wait until the producers of the OC get a hold them for their next saccharine, twee-popping comp.

- Julseas, Julseas