Public Service Broadcast #6 -AU Review

Just buy it. It's that simple.

It’s too difficult to review a CD featuring 24 different bands in 200 words, so the best thing to do is simply tell you why you should buy it. Firstly, it’s arguably the best Public Service Broadcast collection yet. You’d think after five they’d be running low on material but every song here is a corker - there is so much good music in this wee disc of plastic that your listening ears will be fed for weeks. The second reason is that all profits from this record go into putting together the next one, meaning you’ll be helping to ensure yet another quality release will surface. Smalltown America’s ethos of “artists helping each other to release records – good music needs to be heard” is one that deserves to be supported. In addition to that, this compilation features some of the finest among the current crop of Northern Irish bands – LaFaro, The Debonaires, Fighting With Wire, Zombie Safari Park and The Lingus all get an airing so you can swot up on their latest material before checking them out at a local gig near you. Just buy it. It’s that simple.

- Jonny Tiernan, Alternative Ulster