Bang Magazine Review 'Only Like A Spark'

Jetplane Landing have no reason not to be stars

Jetplane Landing have no reason not to be stars, other than their location. Were these Anglo-Irish whippersnappers from the Bay Area or Long Island, they'd probably be getting the kind of hardcore kudos and gorgeously-trainered fanbase that Glassjaw and The Mars Volta are mopping up right now. But fuck geography: 'Once Like A Spark' works because it's 11 great songs, because it's heavy, and because the tricks pulled on tracks like the bone-crunching math-rock funk of "Calculate The Risk" or "Do It...Now!" have way more to do with the weediest (and therefore the most poignant) strains of emo (STT, Karate) than any of today's more tattooed metalheads who happen to own a copy of Fugazi's In On The Killtaker.

This album comes from the heart and soul of an underground sound, long steeped-in and freshly fucked, and remembers why that love was born. Get stuck in.

- Neil Kulkarni, Bang Magazine