JPL 'Don't Try' - Full Album Stream

"Jetplane Landing Friends… you can now stream our new album 'Don't Try' in its entirety via SoundCloud."

Click here to stream.

Whilst streaming an album for free is not a new idea, it's new for Jetplane as the technology wasn't available to on our previous records. Yes we are that old.
It's really important to us that as many people as possible get to hear the new album, we think it is our best piece of work and we're asking you to help us tell people about it. 
Please share the album on facebook, email any of your friends that you like enough to pester hard, tweet about it [#donttry] and generally try to break the internet.
Hundreds of you have bought the album which we completely appreciate, but what Jetplane fans are best at is turning newbies into zealots. You are our radio station!
We're not certain when we will be able to tour again after this run in the UK and Ireland, so let's make sure everyone knows the record is out - the tour is happening and that everyone has a chance to know the songs.
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