Jetplane Landing Are A Force Of Nature

Jetplane Landing are a force of nature, easier to submit to than fight against. Reasons to love them abound – their self sufficiency, their personal politics, their determination and of course the music. There’s a fresh warmth to the sound, corners have been rounded and battle lines relaxed. Andrew appears less ambushed onstage and Cahir adds a playful dimension. And as always there’s the air of urgency - this is a wake up call and don’t forget it.

New single "Calculate The Risk" is easily coupled with old favourite "Revolution Rock" whilst "Brave Gravity" is almost poppy in it’s exuberance. JPL’s accessible take on gritty emo is clearly palatable to both curious first timers yet punk enough not to alienate the hardcore fans.

Tonight there are tears in Andrew’s eyes as he gushingly thanks the crowd for their support. And it’s the one hiccup in an otherwise perfectly executed set. The bands ideals and ethics speak loudly enough so this preaching to the converted seems somewhat clichéd. A minor lapse though, in an otherwise textbook performance.

- Helen Toland, BBC Radio 1: Session In Northern Ireland