January 2012 Newsletter

Jonny Black's Bionic ankle, New Year's Resolutions, Our Krypton Son Single Release Date, STA vs +4 Independence Week Show in Dublin and the usual ...'more' in this month's STA newsletter :)

[0] LaFaro Go Top 50

What a year it has been for LaFaro: new records, new band members and lots of new vans :( ... One thing is certain, these guys have arrived. 'Easy Meat' despite being a late 2011 release has made it into both Rock Sound and AU Magazine's 'Top 50 Records Of The Year'The band play Eurosonic Festival this week ahead of a full European tour. In 2012 we're looking forward to LaFaro bringing us new songs, new fans and hopefully no more new vans!

[1] Happy New Year!

From all of us at Smalltown America we wish you and yours a Happy New Year. Thank you for loving our bands, buying their records and giving us a reason to release great music! On the official site Andrew has authored a little New Year's Missive looking back over 2011 and surveying 2012.


[2] Resolutions Anyone?

With dust gently settled on 2011, all the partying done and some epic hangovers passed we asked the bands on the label to give us some New Years resolutions for this year... Lets see who sticks to them. (Hopefully not Oisin!)

Cahir Fighting With Wire - 'We promise to be a proper fucking band and put out a record!'

Oisin LaFaro - 'Im going to try and shit more than I already do. We will be holding a competition during our Feb tour to see how many times I can shit. The winner gets something, but we don't know what yet. It was Dave's idea, I agreed.'

Rosa Feldberg - 'I'm going to try to behave 2012 and not get drunk Irish style.'

Einaer Feldberg- 'Catch some salmon'

Danny More Than Conquerors - 'The New Year, for us will be the start of many big changes - we will tour, write and record like a pack of productive, well oiled machines.'

Andrew Jetplane Landing - 'By the end of the year I want to have partied with Rachel Riley, Noel Fielding and Swagger Mix and to be able to fit into my old wedding dress xx'

[3] Our Krypton Son... One To Watch?

STA newbie Our Krypton Son has been included in the Glasgow PodcArt 'Ones to Watch 2012' list.

They had this to say 'Last, but not least is Smalltown America’s Our Krypton Son. His single Catalonian Love Song is due for release in early 2012 and was named recently as one of our SoundCloud picks. Another Northern Irish artist and one that fans of Richard Hawley and The Divine Comedy will bathe in. A real gem for 2012.'

Catalonian Lovesong is released online 16th January. You can get hold of it before anyone else via Independent Music.


[4] More Than Conquerors In 2012

More Than Conquerors are deep in recording and writing hibernation at the moment. The band are currently rehearsing and demoing new tunes and will be hitting the road again in February with their second full UK tour, details will be available soon via the bands social media sites follow the links below to get connected!


[5]   Smalltown America / +4 Present...
As part of Independence Month, Crawdaddy in Dublin are hosting a series of events curated by independent companies within the Irish music industry. On Friday 13th January we are teaming up with +4 Presents to bring the best new music to Dublin in the shape of Fighting With WireMore Than ConquerorsFormer MonarchsOur Krypton Son,Agitate The Gravel and Wiltz.

[6]   There's Trouble A-Foot...

If you've been wondering why some LaFaro shows have been cancelled recently, it has been due to Jonny Black having an icy fall, breaking his ankle in three places and being hospitalised over Christmas!

Surgery complete and, just like the intreped Ironside; Jonny doesn't let the assasins bullet [or snowflakes for that matter] stop him from getting back on the case.

Despite being in a cast and wheelchair bound, Jonny Black is determined to play their upcoming tour of Europe . Therefore, he's "put the team back together" so he can get to Eurosonic- Godspeed Jonny!

[7] Keep In Touch!

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