Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7'

"It could be the best five pounds you'll spend all Xmas"

Those of you not familiar with Public Service Broadcast, compiled by independent record label, Smalltown America, the largely unsigned compilation brings together some of the best, and as yet unheralded talent on the current indie/alternative scene. Your five English pounds, a steal for 25 tracks, is ploughed back into the venture towards the next release. In just over two short years the team are working on PSB #8.

There are many high moments on PSB #7, a testament to the quality to be found outside the mainstream if you look in the right places, and this is certainly the right place. Among them is the hauntingly charming 'Breakfast in NYC' by Oppenheimer, with an innocent vocal delivery over an 80’s synth and Buggles like chorus. Hot Young Priest's "In The Basement", a female fronted Atlanta three piece, with dirty guitars and lazy punk sentiments. Above Them’s "Heartbeat for The Heartless", which captures the jangle and rock passions of Buffalo Tom. The hypnotic guitars of Housewife’s "Channel Noir", from their album 'The Malaise of Modern Living', and the funk-metal addiction of Corrigan’s "Solid Ground", all heavy riffs and Zepp-rap vox. Other top moments come from Neat People ("Standing Next To Rosie"), and Clash/XTC influenced Boom In the Diamond Industry ("The Gift").

It could be the best five pounds you’ll spend all Xmas, and likely you’ll discover a new favourite band for 2006.

To find out more about Smalltown America, and their concept of the self sustainable music business model, check them out at [this website] You may even know a band who could benefit in the future from this refreshing venture. Excellent idea with excellent moments.

- Rob Barnett,