Comfort Zones Reviews 'She's A Rebel'

"It brings us back to the glory days of indie"

The Young Playthings are a London three piece who formed back in 2002. They sound a bit like Pavement, Superchunk, and a dash of Fugazi. Basically, they take their influences from all the great American indie bands. “She’s A Rebel” is their second single and it brings us back to the glory days of indie. It’s got a bit of jangle and some fun and clever lyrics. It’s a fun catchy little love song. “Stretch Your Arms Out To The Dutch” is another slice of enjoyable indie pop, the manage to have fun with the lyrics and always remain on game and never turn into something like Weezer (a band we can all do without). “You're The One” another strong power pop song, and is remarkably of very high quality for being a bside.

- John Siwicki, Comfort Comes