Irish Trio Rock A Packed London Toilet

'You wont see a tighter, puncher tree-piece on this side of the pond.'- Kerrang!

As much fun as daft on-stage equipment trashing can be, some bands are so damn good at the simple art of playing their songs that it would all be superfluous for them to indulge in such gimmickry. Jetplane Landing are one of those bands. A deceptively straightforward, clean cut indie-rock trio from Derry, they stroll on-stage in sweaters looking like nothing much at all. Then they kick into their set with eye-opening force and effortlessly win over a packed crowd who are here to see the much heavier Hundred Reasons play a secret show later on.

Throwing US underground influences like The Lapse, Karate and Les Savy Fav into a musical blender, the Jetplane three add a touch of Elvis Costello's quality tunesmithery and moments of Talking Heads-style quirkiness. But while the influences may sound a little lightweight, they crack out their tunes with a passion and energy of a hardcore band - singer/guitarist Andrew Ferris screaming, crooning and spitting out his words with such determination that its impossible not to be impressed. Meanwhile drummer Raife Burchell is a powerhouse of a sticksman, lending each song an irresistibly chunky backbone, and his bassist brother Jamie locks into the groves perfectly.

Together, the band have an instinctive feel for their music and catchy nuggets such as current single 'This Is Not Revolution Rock' and the brilliant 'What The Argument Has Changed' sounding crisp, clear and vibrant. What with the current vogue for all things sort of punky, sort of scuzzy, sort of indie (The Strokes, The White Stripes etc.) this could just be the perfect time for Jetplane Landing. They'd deserve it too - you won't see a tighter, puncher three-piece on this side of the pond.


- Ashley Bird, Kerrang!