Extra-sensory-promotion Review The Young Playthings Live

"Innovative writing and great stage presence"

After the cancellation of Tracey Hunter at pretty short notice a brave Morph stepped up to fill the gap after it was almost filled by See You Next Tuesday, the band of our very own Adrian, the sound engineer!

The Young Playthings know how to play a gig and made the best possible support act for what seemed like a tough crowd consisting of incredibly drunk and disorderly pirates!

They hammer out some passionate songs including the aptly entitled "Hot Sex With A Girl I Love" over the top of very complex drum rhythms while the bass drives the band forward leaving guitarist and vocalist Bateman to play some shimmering Modest Mouse guitar lines. With such wonderfully crafted songs especially a very cleverly placed gap for Bassist JT to yell "after all love isn't a note...... it's a tune!" and a lovely little ba rum ba bu bu bum to end the lyric.

Magical stuff, very tight, unusually strong vocals, innovative writing and great stage presence. Certainly hope to see them again soon!

Morph are the headlining act for tonight although in my opinion they have been upstaged by the aforementioned band.

Their mix of covers and original material would have been better suited to a more classic rock night. This said, Morph get the crowd dancing and the night is an enjoyable one... especially if you happen to be a pirate. 

- Dan, Extra-sensory-promotion