In The Studio: LaFaro

"We think it's the best sounding, tightest record we've done yet" - Dave Magee

Not content with a Summer full of festivals, LaFaro have returned to their hometown of Portrush to record the follow up to last year's hugely popular 'Easy Meat'; this time deciding to record the album on their own terms opting for 'home recording'.

"We decided to record guitars at home as it meant we could spend more time on them and get the takes we really wanted. We've always rushed a little in the past and it meant the money we saved could be spent on extra days for drums. We've really strived for perfection on this album" said guitarist Dave Magee. 

On progress he continued: "It's coming along really well! Much better than we could have anticipated. Guitars are wrapped so it's just bass, some touch ups and vocals to finish. We think it's the best sounding, tightest record we've done yet."

When asked about a potential release date he stated: "We have no plans for a release date yet but it will be available when everything is ready and we're happy. I'm sure we'll be playing new tunes soon and there will be opportunities for people to hear it when the time is right...."

Check back soon for more updates on the album.