Manchester Music Review 'Breakfast In NYC'

'In short it's really, really head swimmingly good stuff' - MMMM

Advice #1 - Catch Oppenheimer when they visit Manchester on the 21st April 2006. “Breakfast In NYC” is a small scale release that promises something much, much bigger. Self produced and self released, the Belfast outfit pour sunny Californian melodies over an electronic bed of subtle synths and moody pop, that’s instantly infectious. The firmer pace of “Truth Or Dare” pushes along with big thick keyboard sounds, slap shot drums and a rumbling guitar that picks up the sound of comtempory bands, nails on a sunny disposition and fondly remembers the works of Fonda 500 and Stereolab. In short it’s really, really head swimmingly good stuff. You can listen now on MySpace.. tell ‘em we sent you.


- Manuel Ecostos, Manchester Music