Leaked Albums Review 'Public Service Broadcast #4'

'If you do one good deed this week, month or year then go out and buy this record'

If you visit smalltownamerica.co.uk it will immediately tell you that good music needs to be heard. What an admirable statement and honourable in this day and age. This is a compilation of bands that have donated a track for exposure and with a view to helping other bands out. it’s a non-profit venture. If you do one good deed this week, month or year then go out and buy this record. Forget helping old ladies across the street or feeding stray animals think of all the great bands you could discover.

Bands like Fighting With WireSchool For The Dead, The Mono Effect and Santo El Diablo. There are some real gems to be heard. Bit of metal, bit of punk, bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll, bit of the other. There are bands like Fighting With Wire who are part Smashing Pumpkins part Husker Du yet still original and fresh. School For The Dead who will fit in to any Smiths fans record collection nicely.

If you like Alex Kaprano’s voice then check out The Half Rabbits Or the check out the crazy Japanese sounding, Norwich band Hyper Kinako. Weird but anything that sounds like the music from the Micro Machines games has to be good. I thought Soma might be a Strokes tribute band or something in that vein but I was terribly wrong.

There’s a lot to digest here but its all worth checking out especially if you're open-minded and alert.

- Robert McNamara, Leaked Albums