Miwsig Review 'Backlash Cop'

'If Pavement at their best had embraced a hip hop/rock fusion...'

The abrasiveness of Fire Engines can be complimented in the all toorare language of genuinely rebellious hip hop by Jetplane Landing,whose 'Backlash Cop' seton the Smalltown America label shoots from the hip with a million grandsentiments.

At times it sounds like what would have gone down if Pavement at their best had embraced a hip hop/rock fusion, at others something more robust, funky and slightly less digestible into my small system, but still rather good.

The title-track is a highlight for me, emerging as it does out of police sirens into a dramatic guitar riff and out into a frenzied, angry and funky hip hop land where your friends won’t ever want to walk, which is a good thing from time to time.

Poodle-rock guitar solos, huge choruses, dramatic pauses ala Beastie Boys at their best, it kind of rocks to the core in a way Inever imagined myself endorsing till now, but of coarse find myself happily doing so. It’s good to leave the innermost self behind now and again and fight in the streets, and ‘Backlash Cop’ is the maybe perfect soundtrack for pretending I'm going to do so.

- Neil Jones, Miwsig