I Had To Go Down To Reception With A Towel Wrapped Round me

Jetplane Landing start 60-date tour.

Punk rockers Jetplane Landing touched down at The Joiners on their 60 date tour of the UK. BBC Southampton's Indy Almroth-Wright headed backstage for a chat with all round nice bloke and frontman Andrew Ferris...

How did you all meet and discover your musical talents?

Well, I'd use the word talent very loosely - Jamie and I know each other because I used to be in an Irish band called Cuckoo when I was 18/19 and Jamie played bass. Then that band split up and Jamie and I had written lots of songs so we moved to England and started recording.

Then, Jamie's brother came in and played drums and we started a tour, 10 tours and 300 gigs later we made an album [transcription error].

Cahir and I are just childhood friends, about a year ago we went on a tour with Seafood and Hundred Reasons and needed to up the sound a bit from a three piece so we asked him to join the band.

How did you come up with your name?

When we were recording Zero For Conduct we didn't have a name - we were watching TV one night and At The Drive-In played on Jools Holland and I just said "They sound like a jet plane landing" and that was it.

Do you still have day jobs?
We all have freelancing jobs that we can just pick up and put down - Raife is a runner on film sets in London, l do some sound engineering, Jamie manages the band full-time and Cahir is in another band in Ireland and he does guitar-teching for other bands like The D4.
This is day three of your 60-date tour.. How's it going!

We've been training for this tour for two years really. I think we've done about 200 odd shows in two years which for a part-time band is quite a lot of shows. We are well drilled for it - no-one really attempts tours of this scale - it's probably stupid. But because of work and stuff we have to condense things.

I really like coming down here because Jamie and Raife who're brothers - their mother and father retired down here in Bognor Regis and they gave us their garage to record the album.

Any memorable moments?

Raife: Getting locked out of the Travelodge at 5am in the morning. We didn’t see what room we checked into because we turned up drunk Then I had to go down to reception with a towel wrapped round me, twice, to ask what room I was staying in. And knocking on some 50yr old guy’s door and him telling me to fuck off.

Andrew: I think the Shetland Islands are ingrained in my memory as just being truly insane. The people there are absolutely nuts, the kids are absolutely nuts they just do nothing but drink solidly - it’s a full time occupation.

I've seen Calculate The Risk bouncing around healthily in the charts - you must be chuffed....

It's amazing it's the first single from the album - it's very rewarding we got to number three in Zane Lowe's chart. It's probably to do with the amount of touring we've done which has brought us a lot of support and it actually does work for us because we've also had some daytime play on Radio 1 - it's great.

Do any of you have any bad habits?

Cahir who plays guitar lives on Snickers and beef crisps - he probably eats about four or five packets a day and he's incredibly fit. He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger but he eats the biggest amount of junk I've ever seen, but doesn't put on any weight.

Where would you like to be in a year's time?

Doing exactly what we're doing now but hopefully in America and Europe. We hope to expand the label with different licensing deals in different countries and then go and visit them - but keep it on this scale of playing to 200 people every night.

What are your plans after the tour?

I'm going to go back home to Ireland for Christmas and then we're going to go to Germany and Holland and a few other places in Europe and then we'll be back to do some more recording.

- Indy Almroth-Wright, BBC Southampton