Jetplane Landing Live review : 'This Is What Being In A Band Is All About'

I Forgot Just How Good These Guys Are Live

So yeah, Jetplane Landing. They are a band. A really rather good band in fact. They sing songs and play instruments. I hadn’t seen them in over a year until this gig. In that time I forgot just how good these guys are live. They now seem to have a really big following. Lots of people in the crowd shouted out requests for songs they wanted playing and lots of people were singing along to tracks throughout the near hour long set.

After opening with Acrimony, they played Effect A Change and latest single Calculate The Risk, both of which are taken from their second studio album, Once Like A Spark.

The band mixed the new material in with the old. The classic Summer Ends’ featured after Fundamental Flaw. The four piece seemed to be having a great time on stage. Andrew said that ‘Nights like this is what been in a band is all about’. He later went on to say that ‘Having you guys sing our songs back at us is amazing and makes it all worthwhile’. Jetplane Landing are a band that do genuinely appreciate the support fans show them. I think they were shocked so many people had turned out to see them.

They concluded their set with the amazing ‘What The Argument Has Changed before returning to the stage for a one song encore in the form of The Boy You. It was a great set. Can’t wait to see them on their next tour in the spring.

- Mr. Martyn, Suicidal Trash