Public Service Broadcast #6 Review by Kissing Just for Practice

How did you first discover your favourite band?

How did you first discover your favourite band? A surprising support act at a gig, or recommendation by a friend, perhaps? Well it may just be via a Public Service Broadcast. Containing twenty four carefully picked tracks from the best new music around, this is the sixth installment to be brought to you by Smalltown America. The concept of PSB is quite simple - artists contribute their tracks for free and all profits created are put into bringing out the next compilation of music you need to hear.

The spread and contrast of music is fantastic, with every track managing to sound somewhat original. Beginning with 'Tired' by Belgian group Starfighter the collection ranges from melodic indie rock to the stunning instrumental soundscapes of 65daysofstatic and Zombie Safari Park's raucous rock 'n' roll. Despite the high standards there are a couple of bands which stand out from the others. Fighting With Wire's 'Tracing the Lines' has an eclectic mix of passionate vocals with a melodic, riff-laden chorus and punk sensibilities. There seems to be that special spark which you can't often describe but is just there - one which excites and makes you want to hear more. While Team seem to have a lesser textured sound than Fighting With Wire, they too have a certain distinction about them. At the beginning of 'Last Offices' Dave's vocals are prominent to muted guitars, which suddenly break with an increase in volume. The melodies are sincere throughout and are catchy in a good way, while a grungy sound can still be noted.

Other stand outs are 'Slide' by The Lingus and 'Burn the Centerfold' by Resin. Either way, there must be something out of this paradigmatic collection which tickles your fancy. Good music needs to be heard and good artists need your support. PSB6 is out now at the bargain price of £5. What are you waiting for? Go and buy it, there are only 1000 copies around!

- Kirsty, Kissing Just For Practice