Sheer Music Review The Young Playthings Live

"Hilarious lyrics and a warm crowd connection"

Sheer may seem more relaxed at Moles now but the bands are as edgy as ever; openers The Panic rocking fiercely like some multi-tentacled spawn child of Yourcodenameis:milo, Biffy Clyro and Funeral For A Friend. An almost Cobain-esque front man and a bass that sounds like a stone avalanche in Bedrock get the old goose pimples going, and a guitarist that carries on regardless after knocking a tooth out with his own guitar is just too rock and roll not to like. So good I wanted to cry.

Tired Irie are a rather more intense proposition, creating a meandering soundscape of twitching, seething rock. Gloriously melodic at times, viciously searing at others, hugely interesting and original ideas are occasionally lost amidst long passages of dreary self-indulgence. They are, however, too intriguing to ignore. If all that sounds somewhat mood-dampening, The Young Playthings certainly know how to lighten it. With their own special brew of stripped-back pop punk, liberally seasoned with some hilarious lyrics and a warm crowd connection, they almost don't suit such a moody venue. However, the audience immediately warmed to a performance that might not have been faultless, but certainly was full of character. A hugely endearing chemistry between band members was obvious, and the fact that even their mid-song tune-ups and guitar repairs seemed planned and rehearsed shows their gigging experience. Wonderfully entertaining.

- Ben Hooper, Sheer Music