Helter Smelter Chat To Die!Die!Die! About 'Harmony' In Their Tour Van

"...Somewhere between Old Dirty Bastard, Bikini Kill and T Rex ..."

Die! Die! Die! are a New Zealand based noise/punk three piece who have recorded three internationally released albums, and toured with bands including Franz Ferdinand, Wolfmother, and the Blood Brothers as well as playing several major festivals including SXSW. They are hitting the Gong this Friday for a show at Yours and Owls with the Go Roll Your Bones as part of the Australian tour for their most recent release Harmony. I asked the band a few quick questions from their tour van…

HS: Your media release states that you are on an evolution towards perfecting your sound – do you know what it will sound like when you get there?
DDD: Somewhere between Old Dirty Bastard, Bikini Kill and T Rex I believe.

HS: Tell me about recording the new album 'Harmony' in France – did you see much outside the studio walls?
DDD: We were in the middle of a massive tour so we drove straight from Barcelona and got to black box and collapsed. It was a lot of fun. Chris Townend is a brilliant man. James Goldsmith who engineered made brilliant Bloody Mary’s. Michael Prain played brilliant Drums. I played terrible basketball.

HS: 'Harmony' has been produced by Chris Townend (producer, Portishead, the Violent Femmes) and have previously worked with Shayne Carter (Straitjacket Fits) and Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac). How do you pick the producers you have worked with, and what different elements do you think they have brought to your current or previous records?
DDD: Each time hasn’t been that thought out to be honest. Been the right guy at the right time to be honest. Each have their own flavour. I am very happy working with Chris Townend from now on though for at least the wee while.

HS: You’re doing many shows on the tour with the Go Roll Your Bones – how did you hook up with them, and who are some of your other favourite Australian bands?
DDD: I haven’t really heard Go Roll Your Bones before! But I am very excited to hear them as they come highly recommended by a few people. Usually my favourite bands are my friends or people who were nice when we played with them. So most bands we have played with.

HS: You have a pretty packed tour schedule, going from Wollongong one night to Melbourne the next. How do you stay sane and stay friends on the road?
DDD: Don’t drink together.

HS: What can Wollongong punters expect from the gig?
DDD: A real cool time – love the Gong.

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