Headwarmers Review 'Easy Meat'

'The Irish equivalent to a jackboot to the scrotum' - 9/10

We’re not too familiar with rythmic post-hardcore of this nature we must admit.  The Irish equivalent to a jackboot to the scrotum, ‘Easy Meat’ is a wedge of blistering street punk devoid of mandatory influence and a Bronx accent; but still produces the aggression to compete with the likes of Future of the Left, The Jesus Lizard, Helmet and Shellac.  Consisting of pissed off chunks of nutty hardcore, its designed to punish and pulverise with a bottle of beer in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other: ‘Full Tilt’, ‘Sucking Diesel’ and ‘Boke’ all loaded to the gills with a massive underground feel that harnesses all the obnoxious power of present day noise.  Music is too safe right now and Lafaro are delivering a massive headbutt to that notion.  There’s something genuinely disturbing at work here and they instill a niggling unease that stays with you long after the record has finished.  Trouble is, we love it!  Particularly album highlights ‘Settle Petal’  and ‘Off the Chart’.  Fast, frenetic, deliberate, instantly infectious and chock full of rabble rousing beligerence crafted with pure flair and attention.  It may be an acquired taste but this is utterly exhausting yet truly exhilirating. 

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