Green, White & Gold Sounds Eagerly Awaits MTC Album Release

"It’s about damn time!"

More Than Conquerors have finally announced the release of their debut album, and have unveiled not one, but TWO album tracks to go along with the announcement. The record will be titled ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’, and is due on September 30th via Smalltown America. In the words of drummer Jamie Neish: “We chewed up each other’s ideas and collectively spit them out to sound like MTC… We wouldn’t be a band if it wasn’t for acts like SixStarHotel and Panama Kings. Those bands meant a lot to us early on, they gave us the confidence to do our own thing.” ‘Their own thing’ is razor-sharp post-hardcore with a pop edge, and they namecheck bands like Reuben and Manchester Orchestra when describing their sound. New songs ‘Jaw’ and ‘Try-Antlers’ are streaming below. They’re both excellent, so here comes another album release in September I absolutely cannot wait for.

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