Golden Plec Magazine - Easy Meat - Album Review

'Heavy distorted guitars, a menacing slamming of drums and some classic punk rock vocal work.'

La Faro are a four – piece alternative outfit hailing from Belfast. The band have been well received on the Irish music scene since their first release back in 2006 – a four track E.P titled simply: 'La Faro' – but since then it seem’s the band have come on leaps and bounds after putting together their second LP titled 'Easy Meat' for 2011.

The album contains 18 tracks which drive on heavy distorted guitars, a menacing slamming of drums and some classic punk rock vocal work. The band have been described as “old school post hardcore” which seems to fit the bill here, but also strangely I could see metal heads taking La Faro in as one of their own or the band being a great act to play alongside the Sex Pistols.

A track which would fit this the description is 'Off the Chart', which starts off with a one note riff being played with a brit – combo amp style and some spoken words coming from singer Jonny Black which reminded me of Johnny Rotten on 'Anarchy in the U.K.' The song gradually breaks in to a heavy distorted riff and pounding bass which you could easily mistake for Metalllica or heavier even.

Following this, another track which stood out for me was 'Settle Petal.' This song is very reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age for me, and I have to say probably my favourite track on the album. The guitars sound magnificent – down tuned and crunchy. The bass is loose and dark and the drums provide the perfect backing. The vocals fit the dark sound with the sinister lines “there must be another way to skin this mule/there must be another way to burn this fuel”.

The melody combined in music that is so heavy is a pleasure to the ear when mastered, and the octave chords with heavy bass notes provide this in much of the chorus.

The title track 'Easy Meat' starts off with a rolling low tom beat before breaking into a speedy guitar riff which is again similar to something Queen Of the Stone Age would do – think 'Millionaire' but heavier. Hats off to guitarist Dave Magee.

Songs like 'Slide On', 'Wingers and Chips' and 'Meat Wagon' could be used on the new Tony Hawks Pro Skater game they are that punk but apart from that 6 of the 18 tracks are actually made up of just random noise lasting no longer than 40 seconds each, one of which features a bunch of belching sounds and laughter. Usually these kind of tracks are good in making an album an album and linking songs together in some way or splitting it in parts but with digital music and downloading these days you’d probably save time just leaving these out. Last song 'Maudlin' is an acoustic number which I liked, a soft song that shows the band has a multitude of styles at their disposal.

This album should be enjoyed by most hardcore punk/metal fans but especially if your already a La Faro fan. It builds on what the band have been doing for the last five years and delivers in that style. For those who are new to La Faro this record would add nicely to your adrenaline playlist alongside Q.O.T.S.A, The Vines and Helmet.

By Ross Maguire