Rock Sound review Public Service Broadcast #6

Get this and beat the industry at its own game - 9/10

Somewhere in South London there's a magical well, from where Smalltown America draw the finest cutting-edge acts from the UK and beyond. Where said well is, nobody is too sure - Rock Sound's spies have observed unusual activity in Blackheath - but what is certain is that it's fruits are never anything but the freshest ear candy around.

Here, on volume six of a series that should run indefinitely, we have 24 rock-spectrum spanning acts. Ipsofacto's "Ain't No Disco For Billy Jay Risco..." is a dynamic post-hardcore number that rages in a way unheard since At The Drive-In's headiest days. That they're unsigned highlights this industry's questionable principles. Elsewhere, Love Ends Disaster! pack an awesome Bloc Party-style punch that leaves today's cover stars cold, and Team deliver the rope-a-dope-ing "Last Offices". Get this and beat the industry at its own game.

9 /10

- Mike Diver, Rock Sound