German Site Interview LaFaro Frontman Jonny Black

"For years the English have been trying to convince the world that the Germans never laugh, that they all wear storm-trooper uniforms and that they are all called Siegfried. But the German people are some of the warmest, funniest people we have ever met." - Jonny

In this interview, Jonny Black, singer and guitarist of Belfast-based Northern Ireland rock band LaFaro, talks about their second album 'Easy Meat' released in October 2011. What this handy title means, the history of formation of the songs and, of course, about the troop´s next album, already on the starting block!

Besides, Jonny offers us a short, or, more precisely, minimalistic insight into the band´s stylistic development plus characterises his very personal key moment, which already grab him back to his younger (boyhood) years and led him to rock music. Viewing the past (the band was founded in 2004) we also have to take a short outlook: This February the band is touring several european stages and will then return to the UK - just to come back touring Europe in summer again to feature their new album. Fans can be pleased about extensive touring and new song material!

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