Backlash Review 'Yr So Fit (For Me)'

'Full of fun and humour yet brimming with wisdom and pathos'

The Young Playthings play the very best sort of indie-pop; full of fun and humour yet also brimming with wisdom and pathos. Think of The Pastels and you’re nearly there. This is intelligent and sensitive, yet stops short at being too whimsical. The Young Playthings know how to have fun. "She’s a Rebel" is a straight up indie-punk love song, with dual vocals, harmonies and a fantastic hook. "Stretch Your Arms Out To The Dutch" is a slower, more nostalgic track about memories and drunken exploits, whilst "You’re the One" sounds like The Jam with falsettos. Their new single 'Yr So Fit (For Me)' is out on Smalltown America in May. I can’t wait.

- Tom Sutton, Backlash