Jamie Burchell Of Jetplane Landing Talks About Their Tour Of The UK

For a surrogate pregnancy it would have to be Run DMC

So, you've just finished your 69 day tour... how did you find it?

Jamie: Long, it seemed to go on all year not 69 days. Although, it was great to play so many shows. We made the album this summer, we released one single and made two videos and now we have toured the album all over the country, all in the space of 5 months. But that much sitting in a van is not good for anybody. 
Where there any songs that you got a bit bored of playing and where there any songs that you rediscovered your love for playing? 

No, no songs that bored me, it's hard enough trying not to balls them up every night. It was good to be playing a few old ones again. we played 'Tiny Bombs', 'The Boy You Love To Hate', 'Summer Ends' and 'Atoms Dream In Technicolor' from the first album at various points of the tour, songs that we had kind of stopped playing for a while, it was good to have them back.
Why are you so dedicated to your fans and why do you think other bands don't have the same relationship with their fans? 

I think it comes from the fact that we don't see people who like our music as a separate part from the music itself. As for other bands not having that relationship, it's probably because they are thick. 
How was the recording for 'Once Like A Spark' different to 'Zero For Conduct'? 

This time we recorded it in my parents house rather than my parents garage - we are definitely on the up! Also, this album was much more of a band album rather than the singer/songwriter feel to 'Zero For Conduct' with the whole band being credited for the songs not just Andrew and me.

What made you start this band? 

I have no idea. We just made an album (just because me and Andrew had written some songs.) the next thing we know we are being asked to play some shows. The band grew around the idea that we might want to sound like the records we make.

Who decided to call the band 'Jetplane Landing' and why? 

Me and Andrew again. For me, I think that the name has a sonic violence to it but it also suggest some kind of relief or end to a journey.

What are your main musical and lyrical inspirations? 

Musically: Rage Against The Machine. Lyrically: frustration, inadequacy, injustice and the need to fight against all of these within ourselves every second of the day.

You started your own record label, why do you think decide to do it? and do you think this is a good idea for other bands out there? 

The label grew out of the fact the we are putting out our own records. It became totally clear to us that it was something that we could do, in fact something lots of people could do if they wanted. So far we have kept the label activity quite small but I can see things growing on that side of business.

I really can't see why so many bands/artist don't make there own records. These day's you can get CDRs run off really cheaply. If you think you should make records then get 100 of your recordings pressed up and sell them at gigs and over the internet. That's how record companies are being started. Don't wait for someone to do it for you, its far more gratifying. Sell that hundred then get 100 more. 
What is your favourite gig you've played, ever? 

The last gig of the 69 day tour in london was special. We had a crowd invasion on the last song. None of the band encouraged it, it just seemed to burst out naturally. I have never seen it happen without some kind of showbiz encouragement from the band.

It was a fantastic moment and a real fitting way for us the finish the tour, with us and all our great supporters like one great big 'Live Aid' band rocking the capital.

If you could for any band, who would it be? 

I think some of this question is missing? If I could what for any band? Can I make up my own bit? If you could make babies for any band, who would it be? If I had to carry any bands children for a surrogate pregnancy it would have to be Run DMC
Why was the album called 'Once Like A Spark'? And what's with the artwork? 

The title comes from an E.E. Cummings poem. It's about spontaneity. The artwork is by Scottish artist Jonathan Gent. Its a sketch that he did for our drummer Raife and his girlfriend. It is supposed to be Stanley Kubrick but it doesn't look anything like him, this just makes me like it more. The cover art and the title just all come together to sum up the feelings that were flying around whilst making the record.

What's your favourite album of the year? 

The Mars Volta one I suppose. It really grew on me as we travelled around the country on the tour and I heard it being played in clubs. I think it's quite a club/dancing record. I could understand it much more when I saw people dancing to it. oh, and I also like Distophia's album 'Soda Lake'.

Anything you want to promote/thank? 

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on the tour, especially those who came to more than one show, like mavericks. You can vote for our next single 'I Opt Out' on the MTV2 website. The video is very dark and should be seen especially at this time of year. Oh and happy christmas one and all!

- Craig, Feed-Back