Public Service Broadcast #6 review - Comfort Comes

Fine new music from all over the globe.

This is the sixth installment of the PSB series that is put out by the Smalltown America label. Each set is compiled from the best music from around the world. Previous bands that have appeared include such names as The Go! Team and Pure Reason Revolution.

Fuck-Off Machete with "Copper and Lead Fight" really have an impact... after hearing this tune I know this band will have a spot in my collection. We are treated to a female vocal over a tight instrumental; this is just absolutely brilliant. Iposofacto bring us "Ain't No Disco For Billy Ray Risco" featuring band members from all over the world. They give us a nice hybrid of say early Idlewild and Biffy Clyro. It has its heavy moments but its never to much its just right. Watch out for these guys. Catnap with "Down with the Scene" clocks in at under two minutes and it sounds like a speedy version of Pavement and early Sonic Youth. This could really be something with a little more work. Thee More Shallows hit us with "Freshman Thesis." This band is really something to get excited about. It's like a symphony clashed with some delicious slowcore. This is an absolutely, stunning track.

Love Ends Disaster! is up with "Ginko Disco" I was expecting some quirky dance but what we are treated to is a dark pop delight. There is some really cool guitar work in the beginning to make it a very robotic start. The soft vocal over the erratic instrumentation make this one definitely worth a listen. 65DaysofStatic give us one of the most intoxicating five minutes I have heard in a long time. The instrumentation here is so stunning and beautiful and it's over-powering at times. Remember this band and track down their work as they are certainly worth investigating; you won't regret it. The Alps give us "The Shining" it's a very immediate track that has a good pop bounce to it. The vocals stick out. The singer has a very unique voice. It's almost like Nick Cave but a little lighter. Santo El Diablo throw "Balance The Books" with that great band name and some great acoustic pop with some great vocal melodies. Its something different and worth seeking out.

This is a great introduction to some amazing bands. 65DaysOfStatic, Iposofacto, Crombie and Fuck Off Machete just to name a few don't want to leave my stereo. The efforts were here so head on over [to smalltown america] and treat yourself to some fine new music from all over the globe. For 5 pounds (about $10) its essential.

- John Siwicki, Comfort Comes