Fighting With Wire Vs And So I Watch You From Afar

The date is set!

Fighting With Wire vs And So I Watch You From Afar 02/05/09
Introducing the Greatest Event In The History Of Popular Music - The DIY Hardcore Battle Royale, The Event You've All Been Waiting For.... OUR TWO CONTENDERS AT THE PEAK OF THEIR POWERS - DO BATTLE FOR YOU... LIVE... TO THE DEATH... BELFAST... MAY 2ND - 2009!!!

FWW SAY: Making their way to the ring with a combined weight of 666stone, with the power of rock in one hand and enough riffage to to melt your eyes, teeth, cheek and ass-crack in the other, its the unstoppable freight train! the peoples band! the saviours of rock action! 3 rock demons released from hell here to scorch the earth... FIGHTING WITH WIRE!! BOOM!

ASI SAY: Fighting with wire? Thats all your good for fighting! Singing "Whoa whoa" all the damn time, you'll be shouting whoa whoa when the the four of us stomp a mudhole in the three of your pansie asses! Wha'cha gonna do when the longest songs in the world run wild on you!? We'll tear you in two like a phone book! ASIWYFA 3:16 says we just whooped your ass!