Fighting With Wire Radio 1 One Big Weekend

"I think to really enjoy FWW you need to see them live! "

You really can't turn on your radio these days without being hit with Fighting With Wire. Just added to the XFM playlist and playing 'Europe's Biggest Free Festival' - this weekend; Radio 1's 'One Big Weekend' - needless to say, we're all very pleased at STA. I've bought one of those big fingers you take to wrestling rumbles. FWW... WWF... hmmm (merchandising brain ticks...) especially for this afternoon's gig.

Anyway - some information. If you're lucky enough to be going along and can ram yourself into the Introducing Tent then please tell everyone about it on the BBC Forum - here are some recent user comments:

absolutely amazing live band!, so tight its unreal! The Album is also fantastic so i advise picking up a copy of 'Man Vs Monster' now!Best new band this year without a doubt!

Seen them in October loved them ever since! Great Band!

FWW are an awesome act live! The album is great, but I think to really enjoy FWW you need to see them live! If you dont go to their set on the's a wasted weekend

LOVE this band! Going to see them 30th May. Cannot wait!

Portions of the set will be broadcast - when we have more information about broadcast dates, we'll let you know.

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