Angry Ape Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

'Fighting With Wire have finally officially arrived'

Since their inception in 2003, this Derry, Northern Ireland trio Fighting With Wire have suffered with inconsistency, through not being able to secure the continuing services of a robust and reliable bass player. It may be surprising to learn that from the outset, latest bassist Jamie King’s contribution is sturdy, strong and trundling, "Cut The Transmission". This contribution is adeptly added to, creating the impact of Chino Moreno being backed by a combination of At The Drive In, Biffy Clyro and 30 Seconds To Mars. Helping the bright spark from Jetplane Landing, Cahir O’Doherty ignite a more robust and rock grounded fuse.

Lyrical paranoia starts in the above mentioned track and trickles through this debut album, some of this may be due to the fact that it has taken five years to prepare for. Vocal versatility stretches out the feeling and force. From the lingering emo tainted cries of the Saves The Day mirroring "Everyone Needs A Nemisis", to the slightly nasal push of "Strength In Numbers"

Power ballad, "Sugar" displays a more tender heart and shows up O’Doherty’s more yearning side. A haughty vocal snap gives the moody, Metallica riffing "Into The Ground", body and thrust. This element is emboldened by an expanding accompaniment that belies the fact that it is being produced by a trio. Gritty, grunge licked saunter of "My Armoury", recaptures that accessible Soundgarden controlled angst and mystified perplexing.

A playful jam led hidden track that sees O’Doherty and co bantering an intro, providing a personal touch before gushing out the spiky guitar push and full-throttle percussion release of Craig McKean (formerly with Clearshot). It is worth the six minute wait and gives a hint as to the future expansiveness and retro-rocking direction that this outfit maybe heading in.

Fighting With Wire have finally officially arrived and this boost to the Northern Ireland scene could see them followed by several gripping acts, if rumours about the strength of alt rock there is anything to go by?

- David Adair, Angry Ape