Fickle Public-Video

We had a massive studio with REAL cameras and lights!

Fickle Public have just finished shooting a video at Greenford Fickle Public On Set at their recent video shoot in LondonStudios - London, for their next single 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courteney Cox Arquette'. Massive production value vs DIY rock shocker!

Al from the band fills us in: After finally regrouping in a Travelodge in deepest Staines after a week of fragmentation we all tried to get some desperately needed sleep after the mammoth journey from Glasgow to London. I had been in England all week and was fully rested. Unlike the rest of the band who had opted to make the journey in an evening and were suitably knackered.  We rose early the next day and headed to a mystery film studio where we were due to film our first ever proper video under the watchful eye of Mr Raife Burchell and his production crew, The General. Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to experience.

We had a massive studio with REAL cameras and lights! From 10am to 7pm we toiled hard under the heat of the lights. Jim nearly killed the camera man and the runner by jumping infront of the quarter-ton trolley which was speeding around the tracks. The idiot.  After a long, long day we had to drive all the way back to Glasgow because Jim and Lewis had to work the next day. We arrived home at 2:30am.

This is what our lives are like!  God bless the Transit van. Hopefully we will get to see the finished video in a week or so.  We had a great time filming the video and we're eternally grateful to all the crew who gave up their time to make the video for 'Cox' look so damm good. Even we looked handsome under the lights. That's a hell of an accomplishment!