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“Everyone expects us to come out with some great reason for calling it that, but to be honest it’s just a quote from The Simpsons” - Al

A LOT of bands will have started out with big dreams for this year. None more so than Scots group Fickle Public.
After officially forming a couple of years ago, the band have started to generate the kind of buzz which has seen them added to the high-profile Kerrang! Most Wanted Tour. Their single, the enigmatically titled 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courteney Cox Arquette', is released tomorrow and their album, 'Bucko', will be issued in March.

Two of the big problems facing any up-and-coming band are time and money. Fickle Public are no exception, as two of them have full-time jobs, which can get in the way of being a rock star! accompanied by a guitar sound that can nail you to the wall. When it comes to giving titles to their songs, they have an unusual approach, as you’ll find no mention at all of the Friends actress in the single. “Everyone expects us to come out with some great reason for calling it that, but to be honest it’s just a quote from The Simpsons,” laughed Al.

“It was just a working title when we were doing the song. Then it sort of stuck. We like the idea that you can give songs names that have nothing to do with the lyrics,” he added.

The band recognise that things are starting to pick up for them now. They played on a small stage at T in the
Park last year and now with the Kerrang! Most Wanted Tour they’ll get to a wide audience and may attract
attention from big record companies. However, Al says the band still have their feet on the ground.  “We don’t want to make a big push too soon, as if you don’t do as well with your first releases people start to worry and you can fade away. We want to start quietly and build a fan base. “We get to play for half an hour on this tour and it’ll be a great showcase for us without tiring us out.”

The band hope to be on a bigger stage at T in the Park this year and, if things go well, it won’t be long before
everyone is saying to them, “DO give up your day job!”

“It can be difficult, especially trying to tour,” Al said. “We have to do tours during their annual leave, or they have
to take unpaid leave."
Lewis works in a bank and Jim works for BT. Luckily their employers are flexible, but it’s hard because you find people always want to talk to you at odd times. Luckily I’m in between jobs, so I can field all the calls.”

Getting to the stage where major record labels took an interest has been a hard slog. “We try to rehearse three
times a week and we have a place in the East End of Glasgow that we use.”

The band have had various names over the years. “We were called Purple Monkey for a while and then for a long time we had no name at all. When it came to finally choosing a name, Fickle Public seemed to both sum up the nature of the business and also it just sounded right,” said Al.

The band make a thrilling pop-rock noise which heavy metal fans love. But they’ve married that to a keen pop
sensibility. “We like being heavy and punky, but we also like catchy, hooky music,” said Al..... 

- Kevin Bridges, The Sunday Post

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